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Join Our Teamthe power of work culture

We’ve set out to assemble a team with the strength and expertise to solve companies most difficult business challenges and achieve success on their most complex transactions.

why work at firepower?

You want to be a part of:

  • A young firm working to change the way things have been done in M&A advisory and private capital, and planning to keep at it for a long time;
  • A firm with leadership that recognizes employees are central to its growth, and shares its successes with them;
  • A close-knit team solving worthwhile challenges, where everyone enjoys what they do and who they work with.

Whether we are advisors on a cross-border M&A deal, or a lender into a fast-expanding technology company, the issues are complex. Our culture emphasizes imagination and originality in outcomes, and our office space encourages that kind of results-driven thinking.


How does our work culture compare with other investment bank or private equity firms?

We undoubtedly work hard, but the comparisons with other investment banks and private capital firms stop there. We don’t believe in the toxic cultural norms that pervade the industry. We do believe that a supportive, fun and inviting office environment helps us deliver the right outcomes for our clients.

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