News Business Transitions Forum 2019: If you couldn't join us in Halifax, Edmonton's conference is coming soon!

Congrats to the Business Transitions Forum team on a successful inaugural conference in Halifax — great to be part of it! On Day 1, our CEO, Ilan Jacobson moderated The Buyer’s Journey panel with Wade Dawe, Kristi Miller, Jillian Murray and Matthew Towns. With Day 2 came our favourite event: the Business Owners’ Workshop, co-led by Al Chettiar, Partner, Investment Banking and Ilan Jacobson alongside Chris MacIntyre and Daren Baxter, partners at McInnes Cooper.

We’re looking forward to the next BTF conference in Edmonton on May 15 and 16. If you couldn’t make it to Halifax, join us there. Here is the link for further information and registration. Remember to use FirePower code FPC25 to get a 25% discount on ticket prices.

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