News FirePower at Toronto's Business Transition Forum: The Recap

Avoiding deal breakers and navigating the business sale process from start to finish…those were the topics we dived into at last week’s Business Transitions Forum. Our audience was primarily business owners – men and women keen to educate themselves about the exit process, whether they were contemplating a sale next year or five years down the road. 

The industry veterans on our Deal Breakers panel shared their experience around the tough issues that can derail a transaction…and of course, gave some advice on how to avoid them. Thanks to James Johnson, Andrew Mark, P.Eng., BESc, Arlene O’Neill, and Gord Riddle for sharing many valuable insights in a relatively short time. 

We had more time to work interactively with a group of business owners at our Value/​Risk workshop, co-led with law firm, Gardiner Roberts LLP. With a full morning of presentation and discussion, there was plenty of time to focus on questions and individual issues. We thought the workshop provided useful value for business owners, but we also know there’s always room for improvement. If you participated in the workshop, we’d love to get your feedback so please get in touch with Sebastien Douville or Karen Fisman with your thoughts.

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