News Ilan Jacobson to join panel of experts for TEC Canada information session on maximizing business value

On June 28, TEC Canada will be hosting a panel discussion that dives into successful strategies for building a business while focusing on maximizing its value. Ilan Jacobson, FirePower Founder and CEO, will join with a panel of experienced business owners and experts, contributing his insights and expertise earned in dual roles as entrepreneur and investment banker. More generally, the panelists will share stories of how value building” played a critical role in their journey, to illustrate the importance of prioritizing maximizing value instead of focusing on just maximizing profit or sales growth.

TEC Canada Chair Brian Brennan


Steve Blanchet, President, CSR Cosmetic Solutions Inc.

Jeff Hasham, Chief Executive Officer, Redishred Capital Corp

Ilan Jacobson, CEO, Firepower Capital

Mark Kuess, President & Founder, Kaisima Inc

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