News Kawhi Leonard: Striving to be an Outlier

Kawhi Leonard and his epic, game winning shot possibly eclipsed even the best of Season 8’s Game of Thrones.

Kawhi got a mention at our Monday meeting today, when CEO Ilan Jacobson challenged the FirePower team to find their own personal excellence and resist the need to fit in a prescribed box. Boxes keep you confined,” he said, and I’m very much ok with people taking chances and putting themselves out there. Think about what your personal excellence is — where you’re gonna differentiate yourself and be an outlier. Because that’s how you cross the line that separates good from great.”

No better, more timely example of this than Kawhi.

Here are some additional insights from our CEO:

I’m very much ok with being eccentric, being different, not having to feel like you need to fit within a box. Boxes keep you confined, and I want people taking chances and putting themselves out there. But first, you have to be nice, your core has to be right. Then, you can strive to be different. And if you get those two things right – whether it’s at this firm or elsewhere – you’ll be a lot more successful.”

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