Prime Quadrant Conference, 2019

Last week’s Prime Quadrant Conference, in support of the Medical Psychiatry Alliance, featured quite a roster of speakers. Outstanding keynotes included NFL legend, Steve Young, who, after years as star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is well into his next career as a private equity investor and philanthropist. One of his universally applicable takeaways from football: Learn to recognize when you’ve messed up, then take ownership (no excuses), and do your best to fix it. There was much discussion through the day about our late innings” economy, and consensus that, at this stage in the cycle, the opportunity cost of selling a bit early is a cost worth incurring. Steven Friedman, Chairman of Stone Point Capital, summed this up, quoting the late Baron Rothschild, who attributed his vast wealth to always selling too soon. Sell, regret – and grow rich.” Breakout sessions included Blackrock’s Global Head of Long Term Private Capital, Andre Bourbonnais, interviewed by our own Ilan Jacobson. The discussion dug into the fund’s evolution — the opportunity to create a vehicle with a truly long-term investment time horizon. Congratulations to Mo Lidsky and Reva Luft for bringing together a fantastic event for a worthwhile cause. We’re proud to support it.

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